100% Premium Collagen Peptides 1lb (454g)

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100% Premium Collagen Peptides

100% Collagen Peptides is a 100% clean product with no added ingredients!!!

Our 100% Collagen Peptides product is U.S. sourced from grass-fed and pastured-raised bovine to ensure the highest quality product. 100% Collagen Peptides is jam packed with amino acids and aids in the elasticity and strengthening of the body’s connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones. Look and feel younger by adding this high quality super product to your daily routine. This pharmaceutical grade product is Paleo Friendly and is completely free of any added ingredients. Our 100% premium collagen peptide is free of sugars, gluten, cholesterol and dairy, and is the perfect ingredient to help improve your hair, skin, nail, and joints!!!

 All batches are 100% 3rd party certified and Tested!!!


  • 20g protein(collagen), 0g carbs, 0g fat
  • Supports healthy skin hydration and elasticity†
  • Supports a healthy gut and joint function†
  • Tasteless, quickly dissolving collagen powder
  • Sourced from pasture raised cows


  • 100% Collagen Peptides mixes better in warm water. To enjoy in cold water without clumping, mix collagen in room temperature water first, then cool or add ice.
  • Add one scoop of 100% Collagen to 8oz of your favorite beverage or food
  • 100% Collagen can be added into your daily coffee or smoothie
  • 100% Collagen can also be added to foods such pancakes, oatmeal or baked goods!!!